Awareness Raising

Celebration of ‘International Women's Day 2019’

In celebration of “International Women’s Day-2019” at March 10 WPC, BRUR was inaugurated. A day long programme had events like: pledge collection, drawing competition, drawing exhibition. UN country representative Shoko Ishikhawa, CPJ BRAC University representatives, Vice Chancellor of BRUR Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah and many other were present at the programme. And on that day the very first executive committee of Women Peace Cafe, BRUR was announced along with a mentoring panel.


Celebration of ‘Basanta Utsab’

With the theme of “Shantir Bartay Bashanta Boron” WPC, BRUR celebrated the “Pohela Falgun” in a festive manner. On 14th february a day long programme had different events such as: churi utshab, mehendi utshab, ghuri utshab and peace adda. Where each kite was floated with a message regarding peace.

Tree plantation

As WPC, BRUR started working on to their mission for increasing the awareness and peace building at university campus; they have planted some tree at the campus premises at August 5, 2019.

International Peace Day Celebration

On the occasion of International Peace Day at 21st September, 2019 WPC, BRUR organized a day long programme. Starting with a rally in the morning, a seminar, an essay competition; all ended with prize giving ceremony to the essay competition winners.

Basic Self Defense Workshop

3-day basic self-defence training workshop from 21-23 October was organized by Women Peace Café, BRUR for female students of Begum Rokeya University Rangpur.  At around 75 students attended the workshop and as the students felt the importance of the training and were willing to complete the 2 month course of self defense the training period was extended and continued in December 2019 and January 2020.

Self defense Training

On the basis of 3 days basic self-defense training workshop organized by Women Peace Café, BRUR on October a 2 month long self-defense training stared on December 2019 as participants felt he necessity of the training.  At around 35 female students from different departments of BRUR completed the 2 month Taekwondo training. And they were certified by WPC, BRUR for completion of the training.

Debate Competition

A debate competition has been organized by Women Peace Café, BRUR on 4th December 2019. A different team from different departments of BRUR participated in the competition and had debates on issues regarding peace and women.

Campaign on Importance of Female Reproductive Health Care

As WPC, BRUR started working on their mission for increasing the awareness and peace building at university campus; they planted some trees at the campus premises on August 5, 2019 as part of their campaign.

Cycling Training

Women Peace Café BRUR has taken the initiative to teach cycling to the female students of Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur to encourage female students to be more self reliant. The 3 day cycling training was run from 18 – 20 February 2020

Celebration of ‘International Women's Day 2020

In celebration of International Women’s Day – 2020; WPC, BRUR took a day long programme. Part of the celebration were: Photo contest (mobile and camera category), Rally, Taekwondo display (a display of 35 trainee of different departments of BRUR with trainer), Seminar and Certificate and Crest giving ceremony.

1 Year Celebration of WPC, BRUR

WPC, BRUR had a celebration on the occasion of 1 year of WPC, BRUR. In presence of mentors and executive committee members and volunteers a peace adda took place, had a photo session, and members and volunteers were provided certificate and pen drive for their recognition and contribution to WPC, BRUR.

Token of Love

To support and heal the tough situation faced by vulnerable women in society by Covid-19 pandemic, WPC, BRUR facilitated material support and awareness message to community women at 7th April, 2020.

Social Media Campaign during Covid-19 Pandemic

WPC, BRUR is running online campaign on life during Covid-19 pandemic. With different hashtag and theme they are publishing different awareness raising write-up and video contents from WPC, BRUR Facebook page. The online campaign is still going on starting from April, 2020.

Awareness Raising Campaign for Children

WPC, BRUR in support with Team SBCC, Bogra participate in an awareness raising campaign on May 11, 2020. Where the children were taught the necessity of washing hands to be safe from Covid-19 pandemic and what is the appropriate way of washing the hands. And finally hand washing soaps were distributed among the children.